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About Me

Hi. My name is Ali. I’m a singer/songwriter and musician from Scotland in the UK. 


I first picked up a guitar when i was about 9 years old, and i’ve pretty much not put it down since. 

Writing songs is something i’ve done, for probably as long as i’ve played guitar. It always felt more natural to me to create songs than to learn them. I know I used to drive my guitar teachers crazy when we’d be learning a song and something would catch my ear, next thing they’d know i’d be working on my own riff rather than the one i was supposed to be learning. I’m pleased to say i’m a little more disciplined now…. but only a little. 

I had my first taste of the music industry when i was 19. I signed with an indie label in New York. I released a few songs with them, but it didn’t turn out to be everything i’d hoped it would. I probably spent more time doing photo shoots than releasing songs. 

I was in a pop/rock band called “S!NG”, and for a while, we started to get a little bit of success. We had interest from all sorts of places, labels (both indie and major), publishing companies, etc. But, we could never get anything over the line. We just couldn’t get a second date!

I’ve spent the past couple of years honing my craft. I’ve listened, read, and absorbed pretty much anything and everything i could, to try and become a better songwriter. With the guidance of Judy Stakee (former SR. VP of creative at Warner Chappell), who has worked with just about every single one of my favorite artists, Sheryl Crow, Michelle Branch, Katy Perry, Gavin DeGraw, and loads more, i’ve learned what makes a good song great, and how to fully appreciate the power of my perspective.

So this is me.  Ali.2.0. The new, improved Ali. Capable of getting second dates 🙂

Guitar Centre Hollywood
Guitar Centre Hollywood
With Judy Stakee at her home in LA
Recording at Xtravaganza creación musical in Medellin, Colombia
Capitol Records Hollywood